A critical, powerful, precious resource sits mostly idle. Why?

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Like a sleeping lion, the GPUs we already use have way more power than meets the eye

In the last post, we explored how near-future business transformation is threatened by a GPU supply pinch. We know that GPU is a critical resource for rising technologies, that the expense is already a bottleneck for many organizations, and that the macro trends on the demand and supply sides for GPU (and related emerging chip designs) are pointing to a serious shortfall.

Yet over 85% of total GPU capacity sits idle. This is not only woefully inefficient financially for the companies that use…

The big promise of business transformation from Deep Learning could end up on the rocks.

Photo by Mahir Uysal on Unsplash

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning … anyone reading this has probably heard these terms. At minimum, you get the basic concept — smarter machines.

Machine Intelligence will change everything

What you might not realize is the degree to which machine intelligence is transforming the business landscape across every industry to the point where it could be barely recognizable in 15 years. Collisions between AI-driven and traditional firms are already happening across industries — if you’re not at least making a game plan, you could soon find yourself on the sidelines.


Steve Golik

Tech lifer, oceanophile, founder at https://www.juicelabs.co/

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